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About Gujarati Samaj Abu Dhabi

Gujarati Samaj Abu Dhabi was founded in the year 1977 by a small group of Gujaratis residing in Abu Dhabi. It was formed to bring the Gujarati Community together to celebrate the various functions and also to meet and know each other. Our first President was the Late Shri Keshubhai Shah, who was among the early settlers who came to the middle-east in the early 1960's. Today Gujarati Samaj Abu Dhabi is a large organization with a membership of more than 400 families and over 200 singles. It is registered with the India Social and Cultural Centre as well as a recognized body with the Indian Embassy of Abu Dhabi.

Our Founders

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Shri Mahendra Patni
Shri Labhshankar Joshi

Our Celebrations

Gujarati Samaj gets together to celebrate Navratri (Dandia Festival), Sharad Purnima, Diwali, Holi, Utraan (kite flying festival), Janmashtami and other important festivals of India. Gujarati Samaj also celebrates "Gujarat Day" by organizing a program where members of the group (all ages) show their talents by performing on stage programs. The group also enjoys a full day out- station Picnic, which is organized during the winter months of December till March. This is a full day event where members travel by bus to a decided picnic spot and enjoy the full day outing which includes all meals, music, games and competitions. Once every year, a "Lok Sangeet and Diaro" event is organized, where a group of Dairo artists are flown in from Gujarat to perform on stage and entertain the members. It is an evening full of music and laughter.

Our Involvements

Gujarati Samaj involves itself in charitable activities and takes active part in fund raising in cases of natural calamities and disasters. Help is provided to all needy Gujaratis who face with any miss happenings / accidents. Volunteers take part in liaising with the concerned departments when the need arises. Gujarati Samaj Abu Dhabi office bearers are: Shri Tushar Patni (President), Shri Virendra Dave (Vice President), Shri Jitendra Parekh (Treasurer), Shri Pradip Dhairyavan (Entertainment Secretary), Shri Bankim Kothari (Gen Secretary), Shri Damji Chopda (Working Committee), Shri Ashwin Patel (Working committee) & Shri Kinjal Shah.